Funding programmes

Funding mechanisms are diverse in terms of scope, financing, requirements, evaluation process, type of activities, timing, etc. It is a complex and ever changing environment.

Be warned: the descriptions below are kept short and voluntarily incomplete for the sake of simplification. Also, some calls for proposals are open challenges while others are restricted to certain domains. There are many variables to consider when choosing the right funding option.

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EIC Accelerator

Grant and equity for technology development and market deployment

Under the Horizon Europe framework, the EIC Accelerator funds disruptive innovation projects having reached TRL 5 or 6. It provides grants (up to 2.5m€ for 70% of eligible costs) and/or equity investments (0.5-15m€). A very competitive programme, it covers innovation and market deployment activities to reach TRL 8 or 9. Only single entities are eligible.

eic transition

R&D and demonstrator/validation

EIC Transition funds disruptive innovation projects from TRL 3-4 to TRL 5-6. It provides grants (0.5-2.5m€ for 100% of eligible costs). Single entities and consortia are eligible under certain conditions, namely having been awarded previous EU funding.

eic pathfinder

R&D and proof of concept

EIC Pathfinder funds early projects to take them to TRL 3-4. It provides grants (up to 4m€ for 100% of eligible costs). Only consortia are eligible.

innovation fund

Low-carbon innovations aiming for commercialisation

Highly innovative low-carbon technologies aiming at commercial deployment. Grant = up to 60% of Capex & Opex with 40% upfront. One Coordinator, possible with partners (consortium).

Industrial research and experimental development

I-demo provides grants and repayable advances for the development of innovative products and services, generating high scientific and technological value and irrigating the value chain. Projects at TRL 4-6 aiming to invest over €4M to reach TRL 7-9. Single beneficiaries and consortia (up to 6 partners).

R&D for deeptechs

I-nov is a competition of excellence providing grants and repayable advances to high-potential innovations. Projects aiming to invest up to 45% of €1-5M budget over 12-36 months. Single beneficiaries.

Innovation for deeptechs

I-lab is a competition to support the creation of innovative technology companies no older than 2 years. Foreign companies can compete provided the activity is developed in France. Grant for up to 60% of €1M budget. Single beneficiaries.
innov'up leader pia

R&D, Innovation

The Ile-de-France (Paris) region funds disruptive innovations, developed in the region and with high potential to develop nationally and internationally. Grants and repayable advances of €75k to €500k (50% of costs). Specific domains are designated. Single beneficiaries.
collaborative projects

R&D, innovation, demonstration, support actions

Collaborative projects under the Horizon Europe frameword fund Research & Innovation Actions (RIA, 100% of costs), Innovative Actions (IA, 70% of costs) and Coordination and Support Actions (CSA, 100% of costs). Projects have to be focused on designated challenges. Consortia of at least 3 partners (companies, labs, universities, public institutions…) from 3 EU or associated countries.
Eurostars 3

International collaborative R&D and innovation

Supports innovative SMEs and project partners (large companies, universities, research organisations and other types of organisations) for collaborative Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I). Covers all themes, aimed at a marketable innovative process, product or service. With a completion time of less than 3 years followed by marketing taking place less than 2 years after the end of the project. Must be led by a Eurostars SME from a Eurostars member country. Funds 40% of eligible costs (for an SME) up to a limit; depends on country.
european defence fund (EDF)

Collaborative research and joint development

The EDF funds breakthrough innovative solutions and promotes cooperation between companies of all sizes and research actors. Grants depending on the specific calls for proposals.

Development and demonstration of environmental impact solutions

LIFE funds projects producing environmental and climate impacts. Typically funds 60% of costs and has a project duration of up to 10 years. Single beneficiaries or consortia.

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